Bridging worlds through food

The one language we all understand: A warm tasty dish with a welcoming smile. Together for a united world. 

Family owned business

How spices bring people together


First we eat and then we do everything else! Luckily in the United States we are fortunate to have many people from different cultures and backgrounds living together and sharing their dishes and spices with everyone else! 

BEI is privileged to participate in bringing the ingredients of your special food so that you may enjoy your meal and share it with your neighbors and friends!

It only matters when its grade A


You are here because you are searching for excellent agricultural products that will not only impress you, but also impresses your customers and their customers. Well, look no further, you have arrived! We are specialize in purchasing, packaging, importing, transporting, and storing products in such a way that we preserve its freshness so not only you enjoy it, but also everyone else that taste it! 

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Better yet, Ask us for a sample.

We will ship you samples of chilies, ground cumin, whole cumin, cayenne chili powder, sesame seeds, roasted chilies, roasted pumpkin seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, bay leaves, hibiscus flower (jamaica).  Let us know if you have any questions regarding types of hottest peppers, organic spices, or any mix products. 

Bankusli Enterprise International

120 DISTRICT BLVD 550 Jackson, Mississippi, United States (903) 851-5322